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Website work

We also work on websites! We design or maintain your website, depending on the platform and needs of your business. Check out some of our work.

Jesus Garcia Realty Group

A great client of ours needed a website, and maintenance (the logo too!) We were happy to help this real estate agent get his site going!

Coalition for Aging LGBT

This non-profit had a print publication that was distributed over North Texas and wanted it transformed into a section of their website. We created the online guide of their publication!

Meet 2 Creative Friends

Hi! We are Kandice (glasses, left) and Gina (glasses, right) and we are 2 Creative Friends. We have been creating together for more than 5 years. We can discuss an idea and our brains sync like a cloud.

We have several of our designs here but can also create personalized designs with names, numbers, or phrases.

Business logos, professional logos, graphic designs, website creation (on several platforms), holiday logos, SVG images, and religious works.

Other website work

Sometimes we build a website for a client friend, package it up. and hand it over. We do not create websites that only a computer person can manage. We create YOUR website for YOU (and your clients!), and not with the intention of "locking you in" a site you can not update.

We can also take a look at your website and possibly provide maintenance on a monthly or quarterly basis.

We can provide monthly or quarterly maintenance, or not, it is up to you!