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Sometimes our client friends have an idea of exactly what they want, which is GREAT! Sometimes they don't know what it is they are looking for, and that's ok too! We ask questions to get a better idea of your business, you, and your goals. Then we take that story and put that into a logo that best describes you. If you are looking for a custom logo (no templates here!) click the button below or contact us!

Some of our client friends

About 2 Creative Friends

Hi! We are Kandice (glasses, left) and Gina (glasses, right) and we are 2 Creative Friends. We have been creating together for more than 5 years. We can discuss an idea and our brains sync like a cloud.

We have several of our designs here but can also create personalized designs with names, numbers, or phrases.

Business logos, professional logos, graphic designs, website creation (on several platforms), holiday logos, SVG images, and religious works.